Saturday, February 4, 2017


I am back! I am not sure if that warrants an exclamation point on your end of things but it most certainly does on mine. One of the things I had decided, when reflecting on positive changes I would like to make in 2017, was to get back to blogging. I really enjoy it but I guess its kind of like most things, in the sense that, once you break the habit its twice as difficult to start up again. (I'm talking about you, Gym!)

I thought I would start by sharing some things I have been loving as well as some inspiring things from around the web.

If you are looking for something to help you beat the winter blues how about a new screen saver. I found these online for free. There are several to choose from but this one is my favourite!

Have you heard of the new interesting idea of BULLET JOURNALING? If you make a lot of lists this could be for you. It is an interesting way you can learn something from all those lists. I may give it a try.

Small handkerchief scarves are back. I have always liked them! I love the way they add personality to an outfit and draw attention to your face for little money! I am happy to admit that I have held onto a collection of the ones I had from about ten years ago (I am old!) I still wear them from time to time. I will be pulling them all out this spring and I may even add a few new ones! Here are some cute ones.


Here the LOVELY JULIA shows you how to wear them! But it's missing around the ponytail which I think can look so fresh.


I love to read! I have recommitted to not falling asleep watching TV   but to the lull of a good book instead. Here are a few from January that I have enjoyed enough to suggest.

This book got off to a very slow start. It put me to sleep quite easily for about a full week of cold January evenings. It was even at the point that I put a plea out on Facebook to see if I should trudge on!

From what I recall it is close to 800 pages and it took me at least 200 to be sure I wanted to continue on the journey. I realize that doesn't sound like a glowing endorsement but I am truly glad I persevered. In the end I loved this story. I feel like I will remember the details of it for years to come. 

This is a beautifully written story told through the perspectives of about a dozen different characters. It is provacative and unlike anything I have ever read before. I devoured it in a day and was up that night thinking about it. It is not for the faint of heart.

Lorelai Gilmore is my absolute favorite TV  Mom of all time! I loved Lauren Graham in both Gilmore Girls and Parenthood. I was so happy to get this book for Christmas. It is an upbeat collection of stories and events that lead to the grown up Lauren is today. Even if you haven't watched either of these shows I think you will still laugh out loud at this book! You should watch both shows if you haven't already, because they rock!

As another Christmas present, this was a book I likely would not have chosen for myself However it was a great easy read with an interesting story about a subject that is often difficult to talk about. I would suggest that anyone who believes they are of a liberal and progressive mindset read this book. I actually learned a lot.

I thought I would snap and share the corner of my office where the sun was shining so bright off the snow that I finally decided to sit   and write a post!

Happy weekend friends! I can't wait for the Super Bowl commercials!



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