Monday, March 27, 2017


Hi Friends! I am back again to share with you some highlights from my week. Here are some things that I have enjoyed admired or been inspired by this week.

1.I have shared with you all my love for Mindy Kaling a few years back. Well I guess Senator Cory Booker SENATOR CORY BOOKER shares my appreciation. I knew we were aligned on political matters but my affection for him has grown after reading the sweetness of this exchange! 
2.I finished ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE last week. It is by far the best I have read this year. The subject matter was a little difficult considering todays political climate but I devoured it nonetheless. The characters and plot line are so well developed with no detail left unexplored. It is no surprise it took ten years to craft. Mystery, youth, circumstance, perseverance and redemption will keep you turning the pages in this one. I highly recommend it!
3.I changed up some dishes in my kitchen cabinets for spring. I always do red and white for the Holidays through Valentine's but it is blue and white for spring and summer this year. Change is good! I will break out the white ceramic bunnies after my girls Birthday this week!

4.For the most part I follow funny people and design stuff on Snapchat but Liev added DJ Khaled for me a few weeks back and his energy has changed my day. Some of his self promotion can be a little redundant but I have never seen someone more positive and appreciative of everything he has in life. Oh and his son Asahd is adorable. If you are inclined to follow him his user name is DJKhaled305.
5. Here is a SPRING HOME TOUR from KRISTIN. She is quickly making her new home her own. 
6. Jenny at LITTLE GREEN NOTEBOOK opened up a super affordable print shop for art. there are a few I will be purchasing for sure. Including these two.

I hope you all have a great week,
Valerie xo


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