Friday, April 17, 2015


Again this week I thought I would share with you some, pretty, interesting and inspiring things from around the internet or things that have just been on my mind. Enjoy!

They are gorgeous on the inside too! Just like Mindy!

Paul gave me these MINDY KALING CARDS in my Easter basket. I love them! Having read her books and being obsessed with her show, I needed a Mindy fix, and I got one.  In case you were wondering her show airs Tuesday nights on Fox. Right now is on hiatus but if you are in need of a good binge watch the first two seasons are on Netflix.

I brought these cards to last weekends girls sleepover in case we ran out of things to talk about but there were no conversation starters necessary. Everyone at the gathering is a Flibbergiblet. (Mindy code for likes to talk a lot!)

Doesn't the cover give you the heebeegeebees!

Paul also gave me BOSSYPANTS. (really me?)  I am choosing to take that as a sign that he would rather I wake him up late at night with fits of laughter then sobbing. I have been known to do both.

I am encouraging my daughter to read it over the summer because during the school year she tells me she cannot read for pleasure. It is a great book for women of all ages but I am trying to get to her now. She is 18. Far too old for me to keep reciting the message from The Paper Bag Princess. I hope it doesn't take her until she is $! like me, (figure it out) to learn some of life's greatest lessons.

I am still grieving the loss of Target.  I think I am still in the denial, but moving into anger stage. I don't want to believe they left us, but I'm mad.  My husband would say that I tried really hard to keep the stores in Canada open.  It simply was not a one woman job.

I love a good gourd lamp!
In my attempts to move on I perused the Walmart website and found these GREAT LAMPS!  Suck it Target!!! (Ok not really. I know while I'm on vacation I'll still visit, even though I'm mad at you because sometimes, you are that good!) What can I say my love affair runs deep.

I have a thing for scallops. When Jennifer at RAMBLING RENOVATORS blogged about them this week I was thrilled! Someone else appreciated them. You see, I too love scallops!I have sewn them onto table cloths and right now have them in countless places throughout my home from cake plates to these euro shams.

Then to top the week SARAH DIY'D these curtains. I am going to have to copy that DIY at some point some where. Aren't they fabulous!

Lastly JESSICA KANE is doing amazing things and inspiring people everywhere! She remind
us that wearing a swimsuit at the beach isn't an act of bravery.  GO JESSICA!!!


P.S.   I gave my hubby three dark chocolate bars from the supermarket... I told you my boys are good gift getters!

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Michelle Groves said...

Oh Valerie, I too am lamenting our Target loss! I honestly teared up the day I found out they were closing and going there for the last time was just gut wrenching! Loving the blog.....keep writing!

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