Friday, May 1, 2015


I am back again this week with things from around the web that I find cute, interesting and inspiring. I'm hoping they inspire you!

LITTLE GREEN NOTEBOOK was the first blog I ever read. I received my own Macbook for Christmas in 2006 and proceeded to spend a good portion of the holiday's reading Jenny's blog. This week she shared images from a baby shower, she threw, that inspired me for several events I am working on decor for, that already have the same color theme.

Isn't it lovely!

I am so enamored by JOEL PLASKETT. I actually missed a good portion of a Tom Petty concert a few years ago because I was sitting close to Joel. I was distracted the whole time, wondering what his opinion of the show was and if he fanned out like everyone else at concerts.

Some people may believe it was because he was a hockey and basketball player that made me fall for my husband. Truth be told, it was seeing him play the guitar for the first time, at a house party, that sealed the dating deal for me!

I digress back to Joel, his new CD does not disappoint. I worked away to it all week. As of today, the title track is my favorite song, tomorrow I'll surely have a new favorite. I cannot wait to see him again, for the millionth time, in June!

Mother's Day is fast approaching. I'm sure you all have been racking your brains trying to figure out some good gift ideas. The malls will surely be busy this weekend!  

Here are some gift ideas for Mom. Be sure they go along with an unlimited supply of hugs and kisses, of course!!!


This week I made some cute name tags for my women's group annual meeting.

My son helped me make a cute video tutorial of how to make these fabric roses. Take a peak!

One last note, I thought I would share with you SHELLEY'S latest post. Some of you might read this as being insensitive or unkind but I see it as choosing to be grateful, for all you have and encouraging others in difficult situations to do the same. A lesson we all need to be reminded of from time to time!

Have a great weekend folks! Thanks so much for all your comments and encouragement here and on social media. It means the world to me! It inspires me to continue to share, knowing that so many of you guys are reading along!

Warm Regards,


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Virginia Drew said...

Great job on the video, way to go Val and Live!

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